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“The most tripped out and intelligent re-cuts of movie clips, commercials, and various other resources you can imagine…masterpieces… his work provides a superb example of the mash-up as de-contextualizing the medium from the message in order to re-conceptualize a mindful imagination”
~ The Reverend, Bavatuesdays
“O’Finn, living like a post-apocalyptic caveman… is like a madman watching and cheering at the collapse of the media machine.”
~ Madeleine Gallagher, Curator and Professor, Mass College of Art
“Feverishly edited encyclopedicaly strange video colleges…lively rivers, a liquid experience”
~ The Village Voice
“Donald’s editing is so hyper-intuitive that the culture shocks and time warps gel into a state of half vertigo and half trance.”
~ The Voice's Best of Video Art
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